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Zoe, a naive but enthusiastic young woman is trying to figure out how to become a real artist in the sophisticated New York City art world. She keeps a journal faithfully, one entry a day, recording her artistic and intellectual development and her struggles to break into the New York art scene. Each day's entry is illustrated in the style of a medieval illuminated manuscript, since she makes her living by forging antique illuminated books. Zoe's Journal is both beautiful and funny, full of sly commentary on both art criticism and the business of art.

Barbara Milman began keeping Zoe's Journal after she gave up her day job as a lawyer to become a full time artist. To help figure out her new life she created Zoe, a naive but enthusiastic young woman starting an art career in New York City at the end of the 20th Century. She kept Zoe's journal faithfully, every night writing one page by hand and illustrating it with pen and colored pencil, recording Zoe’s artistic and intellectual development as she struggled to break into the New York art scene.

This edition reproduces each day’s illustrations, layout and text in close to their original size.