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This book contains images of Barbara Milman's artist's books about Climate Change and the environment created between 2006 and 2012. All these artist's books are handmade, usually limited to a unique book or a small edition. They employ various methods and media, including linocuts, etching, and digital images.

Artists' books are an art form that is related to printmaking, in that works may be editioned in a limited number of copies, all handmade in the same manner. Unlike normal books, however, they are as much about form as they are about content. They can be thought of as a cross between an ordinary book and a piece of scultpure or mixed media art. They often do not look like regular books, sometimes they have no pages or no text, sometimes they have minimal or incomplete text. But like most books, artists' book are usually intended to convey a message or story or idea. And unlike artwork that is hung on a wall or displayed in a case, artists' books are usually meant to be handled, pages may be turned, the "book" may be opened or viewed in different forms.

Barbara Milman describes her interest in artists' books as follows:

          "I became interested in book art in 1996, when I made my first artist’s books. I had just completed a series of linocuts based on interviews with Holocaust survivors, and was looking for a way to present the prints that would convey their stories. I found that combining the prints in a book format was more effective than simply framing the individual prints. Since then I have made artist’s books on a variety of subjects.

          "The intimate nature of an artist’s book allows me to explore ideas in a special way. Making a book for someone to pick up and read is like having a conversation, while making a print to hang on a wall is more like giving a speech. And the issues that I address in these books seem better suited to conversation than to speeches."